Covid-19 Pandemic Relief

  • Provide Emergency Pharmacy & Auxiliary staff relief coverage
  • Prepare and Administer Covid Vaccines 
  • Manage Vaccines and ancillary kits inventory
  • Provide Covid-19 testing and Contact tracing support
  • Provide patient counseling, medication therapy management & chart reviews
  • Develop and maintain immunization protocols & clinical services for pharmacies & clinics
  • Provide webinars and seminars on Covid prevention & control strategies

PBB Covid19 Community Restrooms restoration and cleaning Project

  • Renovate existing public restrooms in community houses of worship in underserved communities of West Africa.
  • Provide Cleaning Supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs including: gloves, masks, face shields etc.) for volunteers to clean the restrooms weekly and deep cleaning monthly
  • Monitor cleaning services twice a month and award top 3 cleanest community restrooms gifts  & plaque annually 

Ramadhan Care Relief Project & Eye Clinic

  • Provide Care boxes to people in refugee camps and underserved communities
  • Free Eyeglass screenings and prescriptions 
  • Donate Books to libraries
  • Donate crates of water and fruit baskets to help break fasts in Masjids around the world
  • Partner with cleaning agencies to provide deep cleaning of Senior Citizens’ homes 
  • Mosque Cleaning before the start of Ramadan, weekly during the fasting month and monthly thereafter

Mission Trip to Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East

Continue Providing annual Mission Trips to underserved communities in different continents:

  • Free health screening and donate medical equipment/test supplies to identified organizations.
  • Organize seminars with stake holders on how to improve vaccination rates  in underserved communities.
  • Train local Pharmacists in providing vaccinations.
  • Invite First Responders (Fire fighters, Police, Healthcare professionals) to speak about health and safety 
  • Promote gardening and farming to feed and eradicate hunger

Blood Drive

Partner with Humanity First, Red Cross, and Muslims for Life Organizations to donate blood for hospitals and clinics across the Nation.

Back to School Events

  • Volunteer to read in classrooms around the world
  • Have in-door and outdoor reading events for at-risk youths
  • Sponsor to educate children in elementary, secondary and tertiary institutions 
  • Organize fun education field trips to Museums, Studios and Theaters for Students on School breaks
  • Sponsor School supplies drives for students in underserved communities